Hello Fellow Coffee Maven’s !

there’s something in the paint…

It is with great sadness that we post this page which serves as a placeholder as we are now closed. By having it here we can preserve a place to stay in touch, to communicate new things or build upon it.

It has been our absolute pleasure serving you in the past. In fact, since 9/11 we have served three locations, two states and roasted in so many locations that we have almost lost count. Memories for us abound and will always be clear and distinct.

From Hershey, PA to the Sierra’s in Nevada to the wonders of Florida; From the low country of SC to the Piedmont of NC and to historical Williamsburg, VA; We have roasted unique specialty grade coffee with enthusiasm given from above.


Many know our story, but as 9/11 survivors we took our mission seriously – that coffee in all its varieties would be a connector to community. It never was the coffee really, but the recipes and the roasts were crafted so that they would be as excellent as the conversations they were to accompany. The coffee was God’s design, born of multiple miraculous events.

The circumstances surrounding the Genesis of Harbour and then the coffee itself, the roasting process and then the specific recipes in the cup were not the makings of the natural. They simply were so well orchestrated and timed that it was known quickly this was not ‘our’ baby. The training of each employee followed: to love, respect and care for the customer through the interaction we had each and every time was their charge. Drinks were made with an interesting addition to each amount of milk, espresso and flavor: Grace. When Grace is part of the recipe, humility follows. We serve you. Words spoken over most retail establishments of many varieties but without understanding why humility exists we rarely see it be a lasting thing. With the understanding of Grace, it thrives.

So naturally it was His to work with – we were merely stewards of an idea: Take what he gave us prior to 9/11 and and build community.

As is the case with any true coffeehouse, Harbour was part of many lives. But to us, and to those who have told us similarly, it was different. There was something, ‘in the paint’. We first heard this phrase, ‘there is something in the paint’, in Hershey, BEFORE we had opened…and then we heard it again in Williamsburg. We heard this phrase many many times in both locations by many different people under many different circumstances – The same words. “Something in the paint”.  For us it became somewhat normal to hear this but it never became routine – it was always something that was nothing short  of  amazing. Two very different places with different bases of people working and drinking, but the same God: “the same paint”.  More than a decade of stewardship of one of the finest experiences anyone could have in this life. That was our blessing to enjoy.

The future? Who knows. We miss you, or y’all, youz, or however you declare your collective selves. We are “open” to the future as it relates to coffee so please feel free to reach out to us directly at:
sales (at) harbourcoffee (dot) com

with ideas or your greetings. Let’s stay in touch, for sure… and don’t forget, “there’s something in the paint”.

john barb and anna